Meet Christine

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Hello! I’m Christine, I’m a mum to 3 humans and 2 dogs. I like to help people; I like to help people be happy and find solutions to their problems.

I enjoy chatting with friends, being with my family, laughing and gossiping, walking and I love weight training. I love cooking especially for other people and I love food especially vegetables and chocolate but not together.

I suppose all of the things I love brought me to what I do.

I’m a Dietitian, it wasn’t my first job I had a variety of different jobs to begin with, but I’ve always been interested in food, taste, flavours, textures, combinations, how ingredients can be transformed into something wonderful to eat.

I remember my Grandma had a little book on cider vinegar and although I now know that to be bad science. It really got me thinking about the effects the food we eat, and drink can have on our body.

So gradually over time my interest in food and love of cooking grew into a interest and fascination with the science of nutrition.

It wasn’t until after I had my children that I decided to go back to university and retrain. That was tough! I knew I wanted to go into private practice, but I also knew that I had to gain NHS experience.

I graduated that year with a 2:1 and luckily ended up starting at The Christie private care.

That was amazing, I had the most amazing mentor and I learnt so much.

It was an emotional and very rewarding experience.

It gave me the courage and the confidence to start my private practice.

I stayed at the Christie and also took other locum jobs to build my Dietetic experience.

One of those positions was working as Lead Dietitian for a healthy lifestyle course. This is when the next chapter began. I decided to do a personal training course. I did this because, well guess what, people who are overweight do not always like to go to the gym or even like exercise. Not because they are lazy or don’t know what to do but because they feel uncomfortable, find it challenging to begin a long and scary journey, or because they have had a bad experience previously, well many reasons really.

I thought if I could offer my clients a way to exercise or increase activity in a private environment, not only would it improve their health, it would also give them the self-confidence when and if they decided to go into a gym environment.

After gaining experience with personal training. My business transitioned into Christine Kenny Nutrition and Fitness and from that point rapidly expanded. I think being able to offer expertise with both nutrition and exercise to clients seemed to be desirable.

Or maybe my business has grown because, I am a perfectionist. I really want my clients to succeed, I provide a personalised service.

I work with each person to help them on their journey. A lot of thought goes into each plan, each program, I very much take a holistic approach, taking into account many aspects of their lifestyle, behaviours, responsibilities and time.

​At the heart of it all is a love of nutrition, and helping people improve health and wellbeing.


Christine runs a healthy eating/food myth busting session on a survivorship course that I run for people recovering from cancer treatments. The food the group made was easy to make, really healthy and tasted amazing! The whole group really enjoyed the session.  It was good fun, really informative and put a lot of minds at rest in respect of the plethora of diet myths and scares that are out there. A great session, thank you. 


As part of our Health and Wellbeing Initiative, Christine Kenny Nutrition & Fitness Ltd very kindly came in recently and provided our team with a fantastic health and nutrition workshop. We are always striving to ensure our team is as healthy and happy as possible!

The Ad People

Christine provided amazing advice to my father, who had recently had a fall and was looking to build his stamina. She recommended lots of delicious foods to eat, which had been on my father’s “No” list from visiting a dietician over 20 years earlier. Without Christine’s help, we wouldn’t have felt confident about increasing calories, protein and snacks in the way we did. A few weeks later, my 89 year old father is benefiting from being able to do more and walk further. The regular check-ins and progress monitoring has really helped him in achieving his goals. Thank you, Christine!

Cannot recommend Christine highly enough, she knows her stuff and helped me reach my goals after years of trying every fad out there.