Weight management

Ditch the Diet & Get Your Life BackTM is my revolutionary method for helping you live a healthy and balanced life.

Improve your wellbeing, body confidence & self worth.

You can stop dieting for good!

I don’t do diets, they simply don’t lead to long term results and after working for so long in the weight loss industry I can tell you that no diet will bring long term change.

That’s because it’s not about moving more and eating less, it’s not about following a plan and then trying your hardest to keep the weight off.

It’s actually all about changing your relationship with food & your body.

Until you stop dieting you will never have control of your food decisions, you will always be questioning your food choices, you will continue to cycle through binge and restriction.

To stop dieting or pursuing unrealistic health goals and to simply take control and work with your body you need to find Food FreedomTM & peace with your body.

I can help you do this!

My method involves flexible & nourishing nutrition education, self love, listening to your intuition, removing deep ingrained beliefs and habits, ditching all food rules, improving your relationship with you and your body.

I take a very holistic approach, not only do I look at your relationship with food and body,.

I enable you to embody long term change on a deeper level. This includes digging deep into past beliefs & self limiting behaviours.

This program is extremely transformational and rapid growth happens when we explore the causes of your food beliefs, self esteem, body dissatisfaction and confidence. You will be fully supported throughout to enable you to live your best life.

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​I really love what I do and this feedback just makes my day!

This is the first time in my adult life that I feel like I have a sensible relationship with food. I feel comfortable in making choices which reflect how my body feels at the time. I am much more aware of my hunger, if that is stomach hunger or emotional hunger. I even left food on my plate – the would never happen before! I’ve absolutely loved this program! Thank you so much Christine

Ditch the Diet member
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I felt empowered to make more balanced choices and not to feel guilty about enjoying food. I hope to be able to pass this on to my family and remove the stigmas associated with certain types of food, so that they too can make balanced choices.

Ditch the diet member

This was a really insightful program that has changed the way I perceive and react to my food choices. I have for many years had a negative and draining relationship towards food having tried and failed at every diet on the market. Weight lost was always invariably regained due to my failure to grasp the reasons behind my over-eating. Thanks to this program, I am equipped with the knowledge and mindset to have a long term healthy relationship with food. Christine was so knowledgeable and supportive throughout and I would encourage anyone who has struggled with food to join one her groups- you will not be disappointed!

Ditch the Diet member

I’m so glad I did this. I feel much better mentally with food abs have began picking apart my learned behaviour

Ditch the Diet member

Good informative programme providing me with the foundations to move forward to a healthier me!

Ditch the Diet member

I found the course really enlightening and liberating. I am now confident and liberated from DIETS. I am on my way to feeling healthier and fitter than I have for many years, I am now mindful of what I eat and how I eat. Thank you for freeing me.

Ditch the Diet member

I really enjoyed the course and changing my mindset towards eating.

Ditch the Diet member

Thankyou Christine, after 30 years of dieting I feel like I’ve made massive Progress with my mindset. I’ve stopped binge eating and can enjoy foods I previously had on the ‘naughty’ list. I’m no longer in a cycle of starving and binging and feeling guilty about food. I’d highly recommend Christine to anyone that had found themselves caught in the trap of yo-yo diets.

Ditch the Diet member

I have tried every diet going,  I decided to give it one last shot before I went down the surgery route & I’m so happy that I did.
I wanted to take my kids on a dream holiday to Disney Land but I was too big for the rides and embarrassed that I would need an extra seat on the plane. 
Sadly the holiday was postponed due to COVID, but I DID lose the weight in time and I’m still slowly losing weight. I don’t feel like I’m on  a diet, I’ve just become aware, Christine said I can eat what ever I want but truth is we rarely have takeaways any more, they just don’t taste the same and don’t fill me with joy. 
If you’re in a rut and don’t know where to turn, go to Christine, I can’t recommend her enough!!!

Jill 1:1 12 week program

I loved working with Christine! She gave me a fresh new outlook on my nutrition and to look beyond just calories in and out but gave me a lot of knowledge about the importance of the food in a long term view in regards to health and wellbeing. She also introduced me to weight training which I was scared of trying as I always thought it may bulk me up.

Kasia 1:1 12 week program

” It’s weird because my clothes are definitely looser 
I was wondering what I had done to lose the weight then I realised that I had completely stopped going to the fridge & grazing!” I have dieted for my entire adult life, I’ve done everything and now I’m not on a diet and I can actually eat food without guilt. The mindful eating really opened my eyes that I can enjoy food and listen to my body. I am also taking better care of myself, walking more, my knees no longer hurt, I’m just doing so much more. Sometimes I feel sad about how much time I wasted but I try to be positive and remember how good it feels now especially when I enjoy my cheese and crackers. Thank you Christine

Anne 1:1 12 week program

​I am much more aware of my hunger, if that is stomach hunger or emotional hunger. I even left food on my plate – that would never happen before!
I’ve absolutely loved this program! 
Thank you so much Christine!

Ditch the Diet membership


I want to lose weight, will I lose weight on this program.

This program is about re-evaluating you relationship with food and body. Some women do lose weight as a result of improving their relationship with food  and having the freedom to enjoy food and respond to the needs of their body.;.

On of the components of the program is to help you move away from dieting for good and to do that you must put weight loss to one side and see it as a side effect.

In this program I challenge you to stop judging your self-worth on your body and to stop glorifying weight loss. It is the key to taking control.

I have been working on Intuitive eating what will I learn from this program.

This is not another intuitive eating program. This program goes much deeper than intuitive eating. We hold on to beliefs from childhood which then form our habits and our sense of self.

This program is designed to remove all the beliefs which do not serve you so that you can level up to live your best life.

Will there be a diet plan?

No, I do not do diet plans. I will provide you will all the nutrition information you need to nourish and repair your body from the years of dieting.

You will learn how to feed your body in a way that works for you. You will relearn your body’s hunger and fullness cues and learn to really enjoy food again.