Welcome to Christine Kenny Nutrition

Hello and Welcome to Christine Kenny Nutrition.

If you are looking for accurate, evidence based and personalised nutrition advice to optimise your health and wellbeing then you have found the right place.

I’m Christine, a registered Dietitian &life coach. I use the science of nutrition with NLP, mindset and transformation therapies to help you optimise your nutrition & achieve total wellbeing, so you can perform your best.

Being in your best health can be simple. I am passionate about supporting my clients to optimise their nutrition no matter what they have going on. It’s never to late to optimise your health & feel amazing in your body.

My mission is to make it easy, to guide you through simple changes & to get rid of the confusion.

Nutrition confusion cause the most complications, if you have food rules & beliefs these can cause a lot of confusion. If you believe you have to follow certain plans or go on a ‘diet’ to be healthy it can lead to difficulties long term.

Nutrition is not a regulated Science, anyone can provide nutrition advice & a lot of nutrition courses only cover nutrients not how nutrients interact in the body, which often leads to a lot of inaccurate advice.

It’s no wonder you are here looking for nutrition advice, it’s got very complicated. However it can be easy, that’s what I love about my job, I make it really easy for you to nourish your body and achieve optimum health simply.

If you are here because you want to manage your weight. Please visit my sister website Deliciously Diet Free